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Leadership Team
Professor Asha Rao


Interim Director
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+61 3 8344 1777




National Program Manager, APR.Intern
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+61 3 8344 1785




Acting RHED Program Manager
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Marketing and Communications Manager


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All Staff
Professor Asha Rao, Interim Director
Professor Asha Rao Position: Interim Director
Email: director@amsi.org.au
Matt Simpson, Deputy Director
Matt Simpson Qualifications: BE (Environmental)(Hons), PhD (Distinction), Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellow
Position: Deputy Director
Email: deputy.director@amsi.org.au
Nathan Smith, Executive Assistant to the Director of AMSI
Nathan Smith Position: Executive Assistant to the Director of AMSI
Phone: (03) 8344 1777
Email: enquiries@amsi.org.au


Nathan Smith is has completed a Bachelor of Education (2011) at the LaTrobe University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management (2019) from RMIT. After working in P – 12 Victorian School systems as an English Teacher for over 6 years he has since moved on to the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. Nathan works closely with the executive team and managers and in particular, the Director to assist with various administration, events and governance needs at the Institute. Part of his role also includes regular contact and various assistance roles with AMSI Members, Joint Venture Partners, the Board and the Chair.


Maaike Wienk, Research and Policy Officer
Maaike Wienk Position: Research and Policy Officer
Phone: +61 3 8344 1792
Email: maaike.wienk@amsi.org.au
Kally Yuen, Statistician (Parks Victoria)
Kally Yuen Qualifications: BSc (Hons), MSc, AStat
Position: Statistician (Parks Victoria)
Phone: +61 3 9035 5030
Email: kally@amsi.org.au


Kally has worked many years as a biostatistician at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Centre for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne.

She is an accredited statistician, awarded by the Statistical Society of Australia in 2004. Her qualifications include a Master of Science degree in Statistics, Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Honours in Statistics and Computer Science. She received the Maurice Belz First Prize for Statistics while she was an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne.

Kally’s specialisation includes survival analysis, generalised linear models and relational database management system. She is experienced in statistical consulting, design of research studies, development of study protocol, statistical analyses of research data, design of database and protocol review for Research and Ethics Committees. She has been a co-author in more than 30 research publications, 14 of which as a senior author. She also has experience as an assessor for grant applications, as an instructor in statistics training courses and as a supervisor for research students.

At AMSI, Kally mainly works as a statistical consultant to the research team at Parks Victoria providing statistical advice on study designs and performing data analysis for Parks Victoria projects. Occasionally she assists in the review of AMSI Industry Internship applications and progress of interns.

Business – Finance & HR

Darla Trejo, Finance and Admin Officer - Choose Maths
Darla_Trejo Position: Finance and Admin Officer, Choose Maths
Phone: +61 3 8344 0449
Email: darla@amsi.org.au
Gayani Gunawardana, Administration and Finance Assistant
Gayani Gunawardana Position: Administration and Finance Assistant
Phone: +61 3 9035 9809
Email: gayani.gunawardana@amsi.org.au
Jenny Weng, Finance Officer
Jenny Weng Position: Finance Officer
Phone: +61 3 8344 8998
Email: jenny.weng@amsi.org.au

Marketing, Media & Communications

Clint Rodgers, Marketing and Communications Manager
Position: Marketing and Communications Manager
Phone: +61 3 8344 1784
Email: clint.rodgers@amsi.org.au
Michael Shaw, AMSI Art Director
Michael Shaw Position: AMSI Art Director
Phone: +61 3 8344 1784
Email: mshaw@amsi.org.au
Agnes Tam, Digital Designer
Agnes Tam Position: Digital Designer
Phone: +61 3 8344 2014
Email: agnes.tam@amsi.org.au
Keshan Withanage, Web Developer and Data Analytics Officer
Keshan Withanage Position: Web Developer and Data Analytics Officer
Email: keshan.withanage@amsi.org.au

Research & Higher Education Program


Angela Coughlin, Acting RHED Program Manager
Angela Coughlin Qualifications: BA (Tourism & Communication Management)
Position: Acting RHED Program Manager
Phone: +61 3 8344 2103
Email: angela.coughlin@amsi.org.au


Angela Coughlin is the acting manager of the AMSI Research and Higher Education (RHED) program. Angela leads a team that delivers national research training and events for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and professionals in the mathematical sciences. As well as the AMSI Flagship events – Summer School, Winter School, Vacation Research Scholarships, BioInfoSummer and Optimise – the RHED program supports online teaching and learning collaborations, including Honours and Masters subjects, through the ACE Network. Additionally, Angela and her team work with the AMSI Scientific Advisory Committee to support research collaboration through international and national speaker attendance at Australian mathematical science workshops. Finally, AMSI has many partnership agreements with other mathematics organisations, universities and research institutes which include co-sponsored events and lecture tours.

Anna Muscara, Project Coordinator
Anna Muscara Qualifications: BSc, GDipArts (ArtsMgt)
Position: Project Coordinator
Phone: +61 3 8344 0084
Email: anna.muscara@amsi.org.au


Anna is responsible for the successful planning and delivery of projects and events that form the national AMSI Research and Higher Education Program. She has previously worked in a range of different industries such as the arts, philanthropy and travel, and worked on a number of prestigious events including Live Performance Australia’s Annual Helpmann Awards®, and TEDx St Kilda. Anna’s work experience spans marketing, sponsorship and events.

Francesca Hoban Ryan, Administrative Assistant
Francesca Hoban Ryan Qualifications: BA (Hons), MA (Publishing & Communications)
Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: +61 3 8344 1780
Email: francesca.hobanryan@amsi.org.au


Francesca is responsible for providing administrative and project support to the Research and Higher Education team. Before joining AMSI in 2017, she worked as a library assistant and research assistant while completing her studies at The University of Melbourne.

Liam Williamson, Administrative Support
Liam Williamson Qualifications: BSc (Hons)
Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: +61 3 8344 1780
Email: liam@amsi.org.au


Liam has been with AMSI since the beginning of 2014. His main responsibility is providing administrative support to the AMSI sponsored events run throughout the year. As well as posting to social media channels, updating content on the Research and Higher Education websites and maintaining the advertising mailing lists . Liam completed his BSc in Bioengineering Systems in 2014 and an Honours year in Biomechanics in 2015 at the University of Melbourne.

Schools Program
schools.amsi.org.au | calculate.org.au

Michael O'Connor, Schools Outreach Project Manager
Michael O'Connor Qualifications: BSc, GDipEd, MEd (Studies)
Position: Schools Outreach Manager
Phone: +61 3 9035 7406
Email: moconnor@amsi.org.au


Michael O’Connor is Schools Outreach Manager. This role involves the support of teachers in teaching mathematics, the development of Mathematics materials for use in schools and the collection and dissemination of information and advice on careers in Mathematics and Mathematics in careers. Michael has a Masters of Education (Studies) from Monash University. He is an experienced author of Mathematics texts, assessment items and dynamic geometry materials.

Michael was raised on a farm in country New South Wales. He fell in love with the smell of old books at the age of four and with science by the age of seven. As well as twenty-five years of mathematics teaching Michael has also worked as a station-hand and roustabout, a Sydney taxi driver, a cleaner and a pizza deliveryman. His taxi work serves him well in ferrying his children around to their many appointments and social engagements.

Claire Embregts, Executive Assistant
Claire Embregts Position: Executive Assistant, Schools and Choose Maths
Phone: +61 3 9035 3192
Email: claire@amsi.org.au
Darla Trejo, Finance and Admin Officer - Choose Maths
Darla Trejo Position: Finance and Admin Officer, Choose Maths
Phone: +61 3 8344 0449
Email: darla@amsi.org.au
Anna Bock, Schools Outreach Officer - Choose Maths
Anna Bock Position: Schools Outreach Project Officer, Choose Maths
Phone: +61 425 706 299
Email: anna.bock@amsi.org.au


Anna is excited to have joined the AMSI team as a Schools Outreach Officer. She has worked in education for over 30 years.  In that time Anna has held various roles both in primary schools, as a classroom teacher and mathematics leader, and within Catholic Education Melbourne, as a Mathematics Resource Officer, Teaching and Learning Coach (Numeracy), School Adviser (Mathematics) and Learning Consultant (Mathematics).

In the past 10 years the focus of Anna’s work has been on school improvement in mathematics learning and teaching within the primary school sector. Anna has completed a Master of Education from Melbourne University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics Leadership from Monash University.

Anna is a passionate educator who loves the mathematics curriculum and leading change in this area by influencing teacher knowledge and practice in order to improve student learning outcomes. She is enthusiastic about providing access to mathematics learning for all students, with a focus on students being thinkers, challenged and striving to be the best that they can be.

Cassandra Lowry, Schools Outreach Officer - Choose Maths
Cassandra Lowry Position: Schools Outreach Project Officer, Choose Maths
Phone: +61 411 167 677
Email: cassandra.lowry@amsi.org.au


Cassandra joined the AMSI Choose Maths team in July 2017. Her journey to become a mathematics educator began soon after secondary school, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, specialising in statistics. Many years of being told by others that they “hated maths at school” would lead her to complete a teaching degree at the University of Melbourne, in the hope to shift students’ attitudes towards her beloved subject. In 2012, with a renewed focus on leadership, she returned to the University of Melbourne to complete a Master of Education in which she focused on mathematics education.

Cassandra has worked across the Government and Catholic sectors in various primary schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Her most recent position was as F-3 Mathematics Leader at Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School in Point Cook. This role allowed her to strengthen her links with the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) and eventually led her school to be recognised as a Maths Active School (MAS). This partnership also gave Cassandra the opportunity to present at the MAV Annual Conference and write an article for MAV’s newsletter, Common Denominator.

Cassandra is a passionate Carlton supporter who can often be found checking out the latest restaurants and bars that Melbourne has to offer. She has one son, currently completing Year 12, who is hoping to study economics at university next year.

Leanne McMahon, Schools Outreach Officer - Choose Maths
Leanne McMahon Position: Schools Outreach Project Officer, Choose Maths
Phone: +61 3 8344 6138
Email: leanne@amsi.org.au


Leanne has joined the AMSI Choose Maths team after some time with Catholic Education Melbourne as a School Advisor – Mathematics, and is very excited to extend her work with schools around Australia. She has a Bachelor of Science with majors in Biochemistry and Genetics and has developed a real interest in bioinformatics, which combines her love of Mathematics and Biology beautifully.

Over her 25 year teaching career, Leanne has worked at Independent, Government and Catholic schools, teaching mostly secondary Maths, Science and Biology, but also working with primary teachers to bring these subjects to life in the early years. A real career highlight for Leanne was her time with Museum Victoria doing everything from educational consulting on the Marine Exhibition through presenting Bugs Alive and Dinosaur education programs to running the planetarium and teaching astrophysics.

Leanne’s passion for girls’ education is embodied in her twin daughters who are both studying mathematics at a tertiary level. She is looking forward to having an Engineer to solve her problems and a Physiotherapist to iron out her knots.



For APR.Intern General Enquiries phone (03) 8344 1785 or email contact@aprintern.org.au

Lisa Farrar, National Program Manager
Position: National Program Manager, APR.Intern
Phone: +61 3 8344 1785
Email: lisa.farrar@aprintern.org.au


Lisa has over 25 years of experience leading teams and organisations to deliver strategic excellence domestically and internationally across a broad range of sectors, both in Australia and overseas. With core competencies in leadership, strategy, partnerships, engagement, marketing and brand management, she is passionate about building and leading teams to deliver on organisational vision.

Lisa has lived and worked in Melbourne, San Francisco, Seattle and worked extensively in Sub Saharan Africa. Holding a Senior Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School, a Bachelor of Business and AICD company director qualifications, she has over 10 years’ experience as a Non-Executive Director and Chair on government and not-for-profit Boards.

Glen Sheldon, Deputy Program Manager
Glen Sheldon Position: Deputy Program Manager, APR.Intern
Phone: +61 3 9035 3646
Email: g.sheldon@aprintern.org.au


Glen is the Deputy Program Manager for APR.Intern. Glen is responsible for the strategic direction and operational management of the APR.Intern program. His role provides high-level leadership, strategic development and implementation for the expansion of the APR.Intern program, whilst driving the number of placements across our member universities.

It is his responsibility to work with the Business Development Managers to drive new business partnerships, leverage funding opportunities and source strategic collaborative arrangements with both public and private enterprises and government.

Prior to his position at APR.Intern, Glen held a range of senior marketing and publishing roles working with government, industry and the higher education sector.

Margo Brown, Senior Program Coordinator
Margo Brown Qualifications: BA (Recreation), GradDip (IR&HRM)
Position: Senior Project Coordinator
Phone: +61 3 8344 1785


Margo’s role is to manage the Support Team and the function to ensure the provision of quality internship administration, customer service and related reporting for the APR.Intern program.

Before joining AMSI, Margo worked in Human Resources at The University of Melbourne and held several corporate HR, career development and administration roles in Australia and the UK.

Mark Ovens, Business Development Officer - NSW
Mark Ovens Position: Business Development Officer – NSW
Mobile: 0400 764 763
Phone (USYD): +61 2 9036 9170
Phone (UTS): +61 2 9514 2359
Email: m.ovens@aprintern.org.au
Maria Galanis, Business Development - NSW
Maria Galanis Position: Business Development – NSW
Phone: +61 431 747 010
Email: m.galanis@aprintern.org.au
Michaela Murphy, Business Development - NSW
Position: Business Development – NSW
Phone: +61 405 046 360
Email: m.murphy@aprintern.org.au
David Beecham, Business Development Officer - SA
David Beecham Position: Business Development Officer – SA
Phone: +61 8 8121 5770
Email: d.beecham@aprintern.org.au
Justin Mabbutt, Business Development - VIC
Jiamin Aw Position: Business Development – VIC
Phone: +61 3 8344 6991
Email: j.mabbutt@aprintern.org.au 
Michael Koczyrkewycz, Business Development - JCU
Michael Koczyrkewycz Position: Business Development – JCU
Phone: +61 412 860 824
Email: m.koczyrkewycz@aprintern.org.au
Alyssa Weirman, Business Development Officer
Alyssa Weirman Position: Business Development Officer
Phone: (03) 8344 1785
Email: a.weirman@aprintern.org.au


Alyssa joined the APR.Intern team in 2020 as a Business Developer and is responsible for matching PhD students with industry and government in the ACT. Alyssa enjoys creating relationships with stakeholders from a broad range of organisations and developing projects that enhance industry innovation and PhD employability.

Prior to joining APR.Intern, Alyssa was the Business Manager of a plant research facility hosted by the Australian National University (ANU). In this role, Alyssa developed extensive skills across business development within the university and research sectors. Alyssa also helped establish the ACT Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology. As the Business Developer of the Centre, Alyssa onboarded startups and SME’s into the Centre’s innovation hub.

Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons 1st) majoring in Earth Science from ANU and a Diploma of Management (Business Administration) from the Sydney Technical Institute. She has completed leadership training at ANU and a Marine Geoscience Masterclass through the Australian and New Zealand IODP Consortium.

Jo Piltz, Marketing & Communications Assistant, APR.Intern
Jo Piltz Position: Marketing & Communications Assistant, APR.Intern
Phone: +61 3 9035 8237
Email: j.piltz@aprintern.org.au
Alex Mullany, Administrative Assistant
Alex Mullany Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: +61 3 9035 6560
Email: a.mullany@aprintern.org.au

Honoraries, Past Chairs and Directors


Chair of the Board, 2002-2011

As the foundation Chairman of the Board, Jim guided AMSI through its first 10 years with the vigour and expertise that comes only from experience. Jim was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Servicein 2012.


Founding Director, 2002
Tony was one of the original architects of AMSI, and together with Jan Thomas wrote the original proposal to the Victorian Government for a Science, Technology and Innovation grant in 2001 which ultimately led to the founding of the institute.
Tony was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Service in 2012.


Director, 2002-2005
As foundation director, Garth’s most significant achievement was obtaining and leading the ICE-EM grant in 2004, which not only funded AMSI’s remarkably successful school education program but also put in place AMSI’s flagship programs and Access Grid network.
Garth was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Service in 2012.Tributes to Garth following his passing on 18 October 2012 can be accessed here.


Director, 2006-2009
AMSI was awarded a $2m Collaborative and Structural Reform grant in 2007 during Phil’s term as AMSI Director, which funded a number of the Higher Education flagship programs, as well as establishing APR.Intern. In 2007-08 Phil led the year-long project Mathematics for 21st Century Engineering Students with funding from the Carrick Institute of Learning and Teaching.
Phil was presented with the 2008 Fast Thinking/ Open Universities National Innovation Award in the category of science innovation on behalf of AMSI.
Phil has also accepted the Women in Science and Engineering award for developing women mathematicians on behalf of the department at the University of Delaware.


Executive Officer, 2002-2011
In 2001, Jan saw the opportunity to set up a national centre in the mathematical sciences and together with Tony Guttmann, co-wrote the successful grant application which ultimately resulted in the formation of AMSI. Jan has continually pushed the message of the importance of mathematics education to Australia’s national interest.
Jan was AMSI’s Executive Officer until March 2011. She is now a Senior Fellow at The University of Melbourne and has an office at AMSI. Before coming to AMSI, Jan worked as a teacher, as a consultant in schools and as a lecturer in teacher education. Her research interests are concerned with the effect of language and culture on mathematics learning. She believes access to a good mathematics education, along with good communication skills, is fundamental to an equitable and socially just society.

Jan was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Servicein 2012 and awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours 2013 for service to the mathematical sciences.


Schools Program Manager, 2004-2013
Michael came to AMSI with a distinguished record in mathematics teaching. As managing author for the ICE-EM Mathematics program and together with Garth Gaudry, Janine McIntosh and an extensive team of authors, Michael produced the series of high-quality, highly successful mathematics textbooks which formed the pillar of AMSI’s school education program. Michael is currently a Senior Fellow at The University of Melbourne.
Michael has a PhD in mathematics from Monash University and a Diploma of Education from La Trobe University. Before coming to ICE-EM, he was Head of Mathematics at Scotch College, Melbourne, and involved with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority in various capacities. He has also taught in public schools. In 1999 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws by Monash University for his contribution to mathematics education, and in 2001 he received the Bernhard Neumann Award for contributions to mathematics enrichment in Australia.Michael was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Service in 2013.


Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee, 2003-2010

One of the discipline’s most iconic and respected leaders, Professor Hall will be remembered through his rich legacy of outstanding leadership and contribution to the Australian and global mathematical sciences.

In 2003, the first full year of AMSI’s operation, Peter Hall accepted the position of chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee as one of Australia’s most respected and active mathematical scientists. For the next seven years Peter was architect and custodian of AMSI’s scientific program. This program annually delivers between 15 and 20 workshops in mathematics, statistics and cognate disciplines around Australia. Peter was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Service in 2012 and made an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours 2013 for for distinguished service to mathematical science in the field of statistics through international contributions to research, as and academic and mentor, and through leadership of advisory and professional organisations.

Much respected and admired by all those he worked with, he will be remembered as a giant of the mathematical sciences who was as much a part of the fabric of Australian statistics as it was of him.

Vale Professor Peter Hall FRS FAA AO


Chair, Education Advisory Committee, 2003-2011

Peter  chaired the EAC from its inception and was deeply involved in the planning and execution of the seminal workshops on ‘Teacher Content Knowledge and Materials for Schools’. The following years’ work was based on these early initiatives including the first edition of the ICE-EM Mathematics textbooks. Peter guided this work with an awareness of its importance and an ability to encourage others to become involved.Peter has given wonderful support to the staff of AMSI and has made a major contribution to each of the projects undertaken during his chairing of the EAC.

Peter was a recipient of the AMSI Medal for Distinguished Service in 2013 and made an Officer of the Order of Australia in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday honours for distinguished service to education, and to youth, particularly through the development of mathematical competitions and challenges for students, as an academic, and to professional learning associations.


Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee, 2010-2016

A mathematician of astonishing range, the legacy of Laureate Professor Jonathan Borwein continues to be felt within the Australian and global mathematical sciences. A strong AMSI ambassador, his influential leadership positions included Chair of the Institute’s Scientific Advisory committee, membership of the Research and Higher Education committee and Board observer.

Beyond AMSI, he is remembered as a former President of the Canadian Mathematical Society and Editor in Chief of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society.

Jon moved to Australia in 2008 as founding director of CARMA, the Priority Research Centre in Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications, at the University of Newcastle. An ISI highly cited scientist, his work in mathematics and computing, including optimisation, computational number theory and classical functional analysis was widely published.

To the world John was a remarkable mathematician and to AMSI he was a friend and champion.


Chair, 2011 to 2019

As the second Chair of the AMSI Board, Ron oversaw the remarkable period of expansion of AMSI’s funding and activities during the period from late 2011 to early 2019.

Ron’s skill in chairing meetings, negotiating difficulties, hands-on personal style, fearless advice, deep commitment and system-wide perspective were a tremendous asset to AMSI and its staff.  Ron understood the place AMSI holds in the public sphere, and ensured that AMSI is at the table when it should be.

Ron was made an Honorary Life Member of the Statistical Society of Australia in 1998 and won the CSIRO Medal for Lifetime Achievement in 2006. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and was made a member of the Order of Australia in 2007.

Ron chaired the watershed 2010 review of AMSI with three distinguished international colleagues. It redefined AMSI’s relations with its members and set AMSI’s directions for the following period. As Chair, Ron then oversaw the implementation of the review. The relationship with the University of Melbourne as lead agent was clarified by the review and there was a refresh of AMSI’s Vision and Mission statements in early 2011. AMSI’s 2013 Strategy Day was a significant event identifying five key strategic pillars for the Institute and establishing marketing and communications as a key aspect of AMSI’s operations.

In recognition of this service and to other mathematical sciences organisations, AMSI’s Lead Agent, the University of Melbourne, conferred a DSc on Ron, to the acclaim of the Institute. Ron was recipient of the AMSI Distinguished Service Medal in 2019.


Director, 2009-2018
Professor Geoff Prince has been AMSI’s longest serving Director, leading AMSI from 2009 to 2018 . He was responsible for a transformation of AMSI’s mission that has seen its impact increase dramatically. Under Geoff’s directorship AMSI’s staff grew four-fold and its membership of university, learned society and government agency members also enlarged very greatly. He was also responsible for encouraging a significant increase in the participation of the members in the governance and decision-making processes of AMSI, giving them a strong voice and a high degree of ownership.

Geoff united the discipline behind AMSI’s mission and built an enviable reputation for AMSI as the public face of Australian mathematics and as its strongest advocate, evidenced by the attention afforded to it by politicians, the Office of the Chief Scientist, policy makers, philanthropic organisations and the media. He used the media effectively to bring critical issues concerning mathematical education, teacher capability, mathematical prerequisites for students entering technological disciplines, and the importance of mathematics in national innovation into the public arena.

Geoff was directly responsible for:

  1. The continuing Commonwealth support of AMSI’s remarkably successful research training programs. His custodianship saw numbers more than double to 500-600 annually and significant broadening of the base of research training in the discipline.
  2. BHP-Billiton Foundation’s invitation to develop and deliver an ambitious 5 year program from 2015-2019 to address the issue of girls and women in mathematics was a direct result of AMSI’s leadership in dealing with the notorious problems in mathematical education. The $22 million Choose Maths program, brokered by Geoff with Janine Sprakel, is Australia’s largest corporate investment in the mathematical sciences to date.
  3. AMSI’s national multisector, multidisciplinary PhD industry research program, AMSI Intern (now APR.Intern), benefited greatly from Geoff’s vision and leadership. This saw a $10m Commonwealth grant to AMSI for expansion of the program from 2017 to 2020.
  4. The development of an extremely talented and hard-working team of professionals which strongly embodies AMSI’s commitment to equity and diversity.


Geoff was recipient of the AMSI Distinguished Service Medal in 2019.


Director, 2019 to 2020

Professor Tim Brown was Director of AMSI from 2019-20 following several years as Professor of Statistical Data Science at the University of Melbourne. Previously, Tim was Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at La Trobe University (2008-2013), Dean of the College of Science (2005-2007), Dean of the Faculty of Science (2002-2007) and Professor of Statistics at the Australian National University. Honorary positions held by Tim Brown include President of the Australian Council of Deans of Science (2004-2006), President of the Statistical Society of Australia (1992-1994) and elected member of the International Statistical Institute.