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Board Members

Adelle Howse

Tim Marchant

Stephan Tillmann
Deputy Director

Moira O’Bryan
Lead Agent Representative

Sanjeeva Balasuriya
Full Member Representative

Inge Koch
Full Member Representative

Linda Galligan
Associate Member Representative

Bronwyn Hajek
Associate Member Representative

Anne Baly
Independent Member

Joe Forbes
Independent Member

Andrew Peele
Independent Member

Robyn Owens
Independent Member

Sue Barrell
Independent Member

Board Observers

Alan Welsh
Chair, National Committee for the Mathematical Sciences

Ole Warnaar
President, AustMS

Jessica Kasza
President, Statistical Society of Australia

Executive Team

Professor Tim Marchant

Professor Stephan Tillmann
Deputy Director

Lisa Farrar
AMSI COO / National Program Manager, APR.Intern

Maaike wienk
AMSI Finance, Advocacy and Policy Manager

Research Committee

Stephan Tillmann
The University of Sydney, Chair & AMSI Deputy Director

Phil Broadbridge
La Trobe University, Deputy Chair

Tim Marchant
AMSI Director, ex officio

Angela Coughlin
Acting AMSI Research & Higher Education Program Manager, ex officio

Stephen Davis
RMIT, ACE Network Rep, ex officio

John Bamberg
The University of Western Australia

Linda Cummings
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Yasuhide Fukumoto
Kyushu University

Ezra Getzler
Northwestern University

Ramiro Lafuente
The University of Queensland

Mary Myerscough
The University of Sydney

Aidan Sims 
The University of Wollongong

Scott Sisson 
The University of New South Wales

Terry Tao
UCLA; Clay Mathematics Institute

Lesley Ward
University of South Australia

Advisory Panel

Catherine Attard
University of Western Sydney

Tim Brown
AMSI Director 2019-20

Mike Clapper
Australian Mathematics Trust

Mary Coupland
University of Technology Sydney

Eileen Doyle
AMSI Board 2010-18

Michael Evans
AMSI Schools Programs Manager 2004-13

Gary Glonek
University of Adelaide

Bruce Henry
University of New South Wales

Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence Group; AMSI Board 2012-19

Gilah Leder
Monash University; La Trobe University

Milica Ng

Hugh Possingham
Chief Scientist Queensland

Cheryl Praeger
University of Western Australia

Geoff Prince
AMSI Director 2009-18

Jacqui Ramagge
Durham University; The University of Sydney

Ron Sandland
AMSI Chair 2011-19

Kate Smith-Miles
University of Melbourne

Doreen Thomas
University of Melbourne

Jan Thomas
AMSI Executive Officer 2002-11