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AMSI Membership


AMSI is the only national voice and champion for mathematics and statistics, comprised of 40+ members.

On behalf of its members, the Institute makes a significant contribution to furthering the mathematical sciences for Australia’s economic future through advocacy and programs that support the mathematical sciences pipeline.

Membership of AMSI provides a platform and a collective voice that is critical for successful public engagement and discourse about the strategic importance of the mathematical sciences.

AMSI advocates to government, industry, and other key players on policy and programs that align with delivering mathematical sciences capacity, from foundation years through to careers.

A broad and diverse membership base is key to AMSI’s strength and we welcome organisations from university, government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors as members, whose interests align with the mathematical sciences.

Membership Categories


AMSI membership includes:

  • Full Members (Joint Venture Partners)
  • Associate Members

Membership is available for universities, government agencies, professional societies and corporates. Applications are welcomed and further details and fees are available by contacting exec@amsi.org.au or 03 8344 1777.

AMSI membership includes discounted access to the Australian Postgraduate Research Intern (APR.Intern) program – AMSI’s industry engagement arm. As Australia’s only national PhD and Masters by Research internship program spanning all sectors and disciplines, APR.Intern strengthens industry-university collaboration through short-term student placements. See APR.Intern’s membership page for more detail on the internship benefits available to AMSI university Members.


Full Membership

Full members receive the benefits of membership of the Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) governance body, with a JVP representative on the AMSI Board, consultation on AMSI’s annual strategy; and priority for hosting AMSI’s flagship research and higher education events.


Associate Membership

Associate membership provides access to AMSI’s member meetings, consultation on policy and advocacy issues, access to AMSI to raise issues related to the mathematical sciences and the opportunity to engage with other sectors regarding needs, opportunities and threats to Australia’s capacity in the mathematical sciences.

Associate membership is available in four separate categories, for:

  • Universities
  • Professional Societies
  • Government Agencies
  • Corporates


University associate membership is available in three levels: small, medium and large, and is based on capacity to engage in and benefit from AMSI’s programs.

Professional Societies

Society members may be admitted on the basis of reciprocal arrangements, i.e. the grant of society membership of AMSI in return for the corresponding AMSI membership in the Society, in partial or full lieu of annual membership fees.

Government Agency and Corporates

For government agency and corporates, associate membership also provides:

  • An opportunity to present to mathematical sciences students at one AMSI workshop, flagship program or careers event
  • Access to attend AMSI events at a discounted member rate
  • Corporate membership can also be customised to include additional sponsorship of AMSI initiatives that are strategically aligned with your organisation


For more information, please contact exec@amsi.org.au or 03 8344 1777.