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AMSI is Australia’s national voice for mathematics and statistics, comprised of a membership base spanning universities, government agencies, professional societies and corporate organisations.

On behalf of its members, AMSI delivers programs that strengthen all areas of the mathematical sciences pipeline and provides dynamic advocacy of the strategic importance of the mathematical sciences in Australia. AMSI Membership provides a collective voice and platform that is critical for successful public engagement and discourse about the strategic importance of the mathematical sciences.

A broad and diverse membership base is key to AMSI’s strength and we welcome new members whose interests align with the mathematical sciences.

AMSI Member Benefits

Contribute to the national voice of mathematics in Australia

Link with the global mathematical sciences community

Engage wth AMSI’s advocacy agenda

Participate in AMSI’s flagship events and workshops

Connect with like-minded organisations

Discounted access to AMSI’s internship program, APR.Intern

Membership Categories


Full Members (Joint Venture Partners)

  • Universities

Associate Members

  • Universities
  • Societies
  • Government Agencies
  • Corporate Organisations

Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in an AMSI membership.  Follow this link to see if your university is an AMSI member. Learn more about the University member benefits here. AMSI does not offer individual membership. 

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  • Be part of the broad community dedicated to championing maths for the benefit of all Australians.

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