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AMSI is the collaborative enterprise of Australia’s mathematical sciences. It exists to give independence to our disciplines and provide infrastructure so that we can take initiatives to the national and international stage. Activities fall largely into three strategic areas – research and higher education, school education and industry engagement.

AMSI has built a record of achievement in these areas and is recognised by government and industry as a leading provider of services, activities and strategic initiatives. We acknowledge both the Victorian and Commonwealth governments for their  support of  many of AMSI’s past and present programs and initiatives.

AMSI membership is open to universities, professional societies, government agencies and industry. The common aim we share with our members and partners is the radical improvement of levels of mathematical capacity and facility, both in Australia and Asia-Pacific. It is AMSI’s  convening power of skills and expertise at the highest levels across the spectrum of the mathematical sciences ecosystem that underlies our impact.

We invite potential partners, from both Australia and the Asia-Pacific, to join us in invigorating  the mathematical sciences in the 21st century.

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AMSI's Vision - That Australia values mathematics, and mathematical sciences propel Australia, AMSI's Mission To champion the mathematical sciences for Australia’s advancement, AMSI's Values - AMSI delivers high quality outcome, AMSI shares mutual trust and support with our Members, AMSI strengthens the discipline through collaboration with Members and Stakeholders and AMSI provides critical infrastructure and support to grow discipline activity

To deliver our mission, we will:

Advocate for the role of the mathematical sciences

Engage with stakeholders and build partnerships

Enhance mathematical sciences education and research

Strengthen mathematical sciences skills in the community

Influence policy makers that affect the mathematical sciences


Promoting the benefits of mathematical sciences capabilities

Delivering programs and services for all our stakeholders across disciplines and sectors

Attracting investment and sustainable funding

Building engagement and partnerships with schools, universities, industry, government and philanthropic entities to deliver our programs effectively

Medium Term Strategies

Promote the benefits

Promote the benefits of mathematical sciences capabilities through ongoing two-sided communication with members, industry and the community, as well as the media


Support advocacy

Support advocacy of policy with evidence by making publications widely available and accessible


Deliver programs

Deliver programs for all our stakeholders across cognate disciplines and sectors, including contracted programs in schools, higher education, research and internships


Build new partnerships

Build new partnerships aligned to our Vision, Mission and Values, and find new members

Foster current relationships

Foster current relationships with partners and stakeholders, including our members, cognate disciplines, government and industry, focusing on mutual benefit


Attract funding

Attract funding through grants and development of sustainable recurrent income


Develop pathways

Develop pathways through AMSI programs for mathematical sciences’ students and researchers that include engagement with industry

Long Term Goals

AMSI’s funding is secure and sustainable

AMSI is the unrivalled partner of choice for national mathematical sciences initiatives aligning with members’ interests

Australia recognises and enjoys the benefit of mathematical sciences

Australia recognises the necessity for diversity in the mathematical sciences workforce

Australia has balanced supply and demand for the Australian mathematical sciences workforce

Australia values mathematical sciences research and its contributions

Overall participation in high-level mathematical sciences at schools and universities meets Australia’s needs

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