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AMSI’s mission is to champion the mathematical sciences for Australia’s advancement. Your donation plays a crucial role in strengthening the mathematics education pipeline, fostering collaborations between academia and industry, and providing valuable resources and opportunities for students, teachers and researchers.

With your support, AMSI can amplify its impact through:

  • Delivery of national programs that increase student participation in maths
  • Demonstrating the link between continuing to study mathematical sciences and the jobs of tomorrow
  • Advocacy and promoting the importance of mathematics, statistics and data science for Australia’s future economic prosperity

Four ways your donation can help improve mathematics and education in Australia:

  • Support Mathematics Education: Your donation helps us develop educational programs, workshops, and resources to support the development of world-class mathematical scientists – from foundation years through to careers.
  • Sustained advocacy: Your support enables AMSI to produce a suite of program and data reports that provide insight into the impact, growth and the state of the mathematical sciences through the provision of authoritative information and influence of national policy.
  • Empower Students: Your generosity directly influences the mathematical sciences student pipeline by facilitating employment linkages for graduates in the mathematical sciences. This is made possible through AMSI scholarships, internships, and mentoring programs, empowering the next generation of mathematicians and scientists.
  • Facilitate Outreach: With your support, we can expand our outreach efforts to various stakeholders in the mathematical sciences ecosystem to strengthen the impact of the Mission, enhance reputation and global profile.

Find out more about the activities you can support here:

  1. AMSI Foundation
  2. Yuille-Umbers Female High School Scholarships
  3. Maryam Mirzakhani Award

How your giving helps create impact

As Australia’s only national peak body for the mathematical sciences, AMSI plays a vital role in the advancement of human society, from both a cultural perspective and ability to drive technological advancements for sustainable development. Applications of mathematics are critical to innovation in all disciplines and sectors, with the benefits flowing to all Australians through increasing employability, job creation, economic mobility, productivity, and global competitiveness.

Your support is critical to make a positive difference for Australia’s advancement.

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