The biennial International Conference on Monte Carlo Methods and Applications (MCM) (formerly IMACS Seminar on Monte Carlo Methods) is one of the most prominent conference series devoted to research on the mathematical aspects of stochastic simulation and Monte Carlo methods, including their effective application in different areas, such as finance and management, the simulation of […]

This workshop will bring together Australian and international researchers in algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry, representation theory and geometric group theory, to explore new interactions between these fields in the study of fundamental mathematical objects including flags, galleries and reflection groups. The invited speakers include some of the most distinguished researchers in these fields, as well […]

The focus of this interdisciplinary workshop is on bringing together techniques that are at the forefront of mathematics and computer science for solving large scale problems motivated by applications on high-performance computers. The main aim is to foster cooperation and communication between the fields of Algorithms, Resilience, Middleware, Software and Applications. Student participation is highly […]

The aim of the research program is to unite and combine current trends in dynamical systems and time series analysis for solving problems in physiology which are governed by repeating processes. Examples are circadian rhythms, cardio-dynamics, sleep processes, glucose-insulin regulation and many others. The importance of the circadian clock to human health was recognised by the 2017 […]

Scientific computing is often termed as the ‘third way to do science’, alongside theory and experiments. The focus of the workshop is to investigate the current challenges of solving large scale problems on high performance computers. To achieve optimal performance it is critical to incorporate techniques that are at the forefront of both the mathematical […]

This is the seventh annual event of Number Theory Down Under, a meeting which promotes number theory in Australia. It brings together Australian and international number theorists to share ideas, pursue collaborative work and establish connections to other fields of mathematics. This year NTDU-7 will span four days, from the 30th of September to the […]