Rough path theory is a relatively new field of mathematics, introduced in the late 90s. Inherently a multidisciplinary theory in which one will see semi-Riemannian geometry, Lie groups and algebras, analysis, and shuffle algebras, it may seem surprising that the theory has had huge success in the last two decades to treat stochastic ordinary and […]

The deep connections between mathematics, quantum field theory, and string theory (the latter being a leading candidate for a consistent framework to quantise gravity) have been for several decades a driving force of ground-breaking scientific discoveries in pure mathematics, mathematical physics, and theoretical physics. This program aims to bring together leading International and Australian experts […]

Fluid flow in porous media is ubiquitous across the natural and industrial world. The flows often become unstable, leading to complicated dynamic behaviour. Examples include viscous fingering, convection and chemical fronts. Understanding these instabilities and controlling or triggering them is critical in many applications. Often the instabilities are studied independently but there are key similarities […]

This three-week event will bring together world-leading specialists in knot theory for a focused research program promoting collaboration between mathematicians at all career stages. The first two weeks will be focused exclusively on research in small groups mixing PhD students, early career researchers, and established scientists. Projects topics include the generalised Kauffman-Harary Conjecture; the long […]

This workshop focusses on the mathematics and physics of integrability in classical and quantum physical systems in 1 and 2 dimensions. Following on from our 2017 AMSI-AustMS-MATRIX@Melbourne Workshop (, this workshop is organised around currently active hot topics and open problems with 50% of the program reserved for group collaboration. The overarching motivation is to […]

Dependent data is widely observed across many different scientific disciplines, such as finance, agriculture, astronomy, hydrology and climatology, ecology and geology. They are also frequently used in health science and socio-economic disciplines. The recent development of powerful data gathering technology has brought larger and more complex datasets, which calls for new statistical tools developments. The […]

Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease characterised by the growth of fatty plaques in the major arteries. These plaques can cause heart attack and strokes. Atherosclerosis is one of the major causes of death in the developed world, and yet mathematical modelling of atherosclerosis is still in its infancy. By contrast, mathematical modelling of cancer, another […]