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AMSI is a not-for-profit whose mission is the radical improvement of mathematical sciences capacity and capability in the Australian community. Thirty Australian universities, four government agencies and two professional societies make up AMSI’s membership in 2015. These institutions strive, with AMSI, to achieve this mission from its roots in our primary schools to its far reaching branches in Australian research and industry.

For a breakdown of AMSI’s members and details about membership please see the membership section.

Key information and documents


AMSI’s Schools program delivers valuable resources and training for Australian mathematics teachers. Face-to-face professional development is delivered through workshops, in-class support, modelled lessons, digital and print resources and program development support – all in line with the Australian curriculum and to meet the needs of individual schools. The Schools program is staffed by experienced teachers who have been closely involved in writing the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Along with our digital and print resources we also produced maths: make your career count; a popular series of posters and videos that showcase how mathematics enriches a variety of careers.Click here for further details about AMSI Schools

Higher Education

AMSI’s Higher Education program pursues our mission to enhance the undergraduate and postgraduate experience of students in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines. Our flagship events comprising of research training schools, scholarships and graduate courses have created the vibrant young community of researchers so important for innovation in the public and private sectors.Click here for further details about AMSI Higher Education


AMSI Research delivers on our mission to support mathematical sciences research and its applications including cross-disciplinary areas and public and private sectors. We promote cross-disciplinary collaboration in both public and private sectors. Our program also has one of the nation’s largest sustained workshop and our stewardship of the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 in Australia won us international acclaim.Click here for further details about AMSI Research


APR.Intern provides a link between AMSI’s member institutions and the wider business community. Organisations contact APR.Intern with short-term research focussed projects and we aim to find post-graduate students working in the field to assist the development of tools and/or resources to help tackle the problem. Sometimes these projects are hands on: students are in the field or the lab. Other times, students work on a theoretical problem, build software, simulate circumstances and predict outcomes.Either way, this program is unique. Many businesses cannot hire an academic or expert to assist with a short-term R&D project: APR.Intern provides them the opportunity.

Don’t forget, APR.Intern services all facets of Australian industry, whether the problem lies in marketing, refining analytical tools, software engineering or biomedical science, AMSI’s access to Australian universities means we can source experts across all disciplines.

Click here for further details about APR.Intern