Organisers: Paul Bryan (Macquarie University) Jiakun Liu (University of Wollongong) Mariel Sáez (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) Haotian Wu (University of Sydney) Program Aim:  To draw together early-career researchers working in the fields of calculus of variations, optimal transport, fully nonlinear PDE and geometric flows. Our participants bring expertise from the related but diverse fields […]

AMOS 2020 will have over 40 thematic sessions covering topics in meteorology, oceanography and other climate sciences under the broad themes of weather, ocean processes, atmospheric processes, climate, land surface processes, Antarctic science, climate services and community engagement. This year we will be highlighting the current research in Indian oceanography and meteorology with a special […]

Frontiers in Integrability is a major international meeting to highlight recent developments in the mathematical theory and application of integrability across a broad range of disciplines. In addition to traditional areas of applicability such as classical statistical mechanics, quantum many-body physics and combinatorics, application areas to be emphasised at this conference include new developments in […]