Graduate Talks in Geometry and Topology, (GT)^2, is an online symposium organised by and for graduate students, running fortnightly throughout Semester 1, 2021 starting on Tuesday 2 March. The symposium is designed to provide an opportunity for Australian graduate students in geometry and topology to present their research to a diverse audience, as well as […]

Michael P.H. Stumpf (University of Melbourne) & Jiayu Wen (Australian National University)   Details and dates to be confirmed. Cells have been called the “natural levels of abstraction in biology”: they are the essential building blocks of multi-cellular organisms, and most life-forms on earth are single-celled organisms. Inside cells there are complex molecular processes and […]

Organisers: Bryce Clarke (Macquarie University) Matthew Di Meglio (UNSW Sydney) Nicola Di Vittorio (Macquarie University) Eli Hazel (Macquarie University) Yuki Maehara (Kyushu University) Adrian Miranda (Macquarie University) Giacomo Tendas (Macquarie University) Paula Verdugo (Macquarie University) Giulian Wiggins (University of Sydney) Description: Category theory is a branch of mathematics which seeks to understand abstract mathematical structures […]

The recent drive in theoretical physics to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces has led to an explosion of activity at the interface between mathematics and physics, and conformal field theory has proven to be a particularly active and exciting example of this interaction. While conformal field theory was initially developed for physical purposes, […]