The cryosphere is one of the critical components of the earth climate systems, and it has been the subject of significant transformation in recent years in response to climate change. There are several mathematical challenges to modelling this system, and the program aims to bring other researchers who are experts in the mathematical modelling of […]

While its role as a theory of the fundamental forces of nature is still being settled, the mathematics of string theory has led to some extraordinary advances in areas of pure mathematics. These areas range from algebraic and enumerative geometry to number theory as well as inspiring new mathematics such as Hitchin’s generalised geometry. The […]

Postponed until 2021 This workshop at The University of Sydney will bring together experts and emerging researchers from Australia, the USA and Europe to report on recent results and explore future directions in computational and algorithmic topology and related areas. There will be a focus on problems in computational geometric topology and computational algebraic topology. […]