This conference focuses on categorification and its applications in representation theory. Categorification is something of an art, where one mathematical object is replaced with another richer, and often categorical, one that often reveals deeper structural properties. Important examples of categorification in representation theory include the geometric categorifications of Ginzburg, Lusztig and Nakajima, which realise quantum […]

This three-week event will bring together world-leading specialists in knot theory for a focused research program promoting collaboration between mathematicians at all career stages. The first two weeks will be focused exclusively on research in small groups mixing PhD students, early career researchers, and established scientists. Projects topics include the generalised Kauffman-Harary Conjecture; the long […]

Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) is a robust computational method for simulation-based inference including Bayesian statistics. It can facilitate sampling from complex probability distributions and optimising challenging functions where other methods fail. Exciting new research has extended SMC to distributed settings and developed novel SMC algorithms for new applications. This workshop will foster discussion and collaboration […]

This conference is being held in honour of Professor Neil Trudinger’s 80th birthday to celebrate his important contributions in nonlinear partial differential equations and geometric analysis. The event aims to host several leading mathematicians as well as to provide an opportunity for young researchers and PhD students to get together to present their new works […]