Mathematical and in particular optimisation models are of high interest in wildfire emergency management, especially for optimal/guided and sustainable decision-making. Major mathematical challenges appear in this context for preparedness, initial attack and mitigation if impacts. Two main features of problems arising in the context of emergency management are the high uncertainty of data and the […]

Applications are now open for the third Mentoring and Guidance in Careers (MAGIC) workshop for women and gender-diverse early-career researchers with a PhD in chemistry, mathematics or physics awarded within the past seven years. The workshop will be held from 18 – 22 November 2019 at University House ANU, Canberra. Please see for further information and […]

Phylogenetics is concerned with one of the most important problem in biology: reconstructing the evolutionary history of present-day organisms from molecular data, such as DNA, or morphological characters. Hidden from view, in phylogenetics software packages used by biologists, are algorithms implementing stochastic and combinatorial methods on binary trees, as well as more general network structures. […]

Quantifying modelling uncertainty is essential for credible simulation-aided knowledge discovery, prediction and design. This workshop brings together a diverse set of researchers to identify challenges and novel research directions in the field of uncertainty quantification (UQ). Talks will focus on both algorithm development and applications of UQ in areas ranging from aerospace, material and electrical […]

This workshop will bring together Australian researchers and practitioners with key international academics in areas related to data science — including mathematics, statistics and computer science — to discuss recent work and to share ideas, and fostering new local and international collaborations. The workshop consists of two integral parts: (i) Boot camp: Sunday 8th December […]