June 24-25: Mini-course

The mini-course is intended to familiarise students and staff in both computational mathematics and plasma physics with numerical methods relevant to the workshop. It is also helpful as a recap for mathematicians, and an opportunity for physicist to understand the underlying mathematics of the relevant numerical codes.

June 26-27: Workshop

In the workshop, plasma physicists will describe unsolved or difficult computational plasma physics problems they have encountered in their work. Mathematicians will present potential applications of their work.

Invited speakers

  • Prof. Frank Jenko, Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics, Germany
  • Dr. Stuart Hudson, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Dr. David Pfefferle, the University of Western Australia
  • A/Prof. Lei Chang, Sichuan University
  • Dr. Naoki Sato, Kyoto University
  • Dr Seikichi Matsuoka, National Institute for Fusion Science
  • Dr Apurv Kumar, Australian National University

Organsing committee

  • Zhisong Qu, Australian National University
  • Matthew Hole, Australian National University
  • Robert Dewar, Australian National University

To enquire, contact: admin.research.msi@anu.edu.au

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