You are welcome to attend the following Statistics and Stochastic colloquium (part of the Colloquium Series of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) at La Trobe University.

Speaker: Dr Wei Huang, University of Melbourne

Time & Date: 12:00 Thursday 13 June 2019

Venue: Room 310, Physical Sciences 2, La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus


Motivated by an extrapolation problem on estimating the covariance from fragmented functional data, where data are only available on an irregularly shaped domain, we proposed a tensor product spline smoothing technique for irregularly shaped domains. The method is adaptable to more general irregularly shaped domains and capable to deal with interior gaps. We also investigated other methods available in the literature, a comparison on the finite sample properties of these methods is given and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

Contact Andriy Olenko to join.

Contact: Andriy Olenko

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