Free online public lecture aimed at Year 10 students and above. Genome related technologies can contribute to improving global health equity. To do so the genomic health divide must be kept in check and ultimately bridged to ensure that the lack of Indigenous genomic data does not adversely affect access to genome related health services.

Genome related technologies can contribute to improving social equity through biodiscovery and innovation. To do so the economic disadvantages must be minimized through recognition of Indigenous rights to genomic data as well as systematic use of robust access and benefit sharing agreements. Genome related technologies can contribute to understanding diversity. Diverse communities, whether that be environmental or social, are more interesting and resilient to change. Genome related technologies are increasingly dependent on data science and bioinformatics to process the huge amounts of data that they generate. Building capacity and capability in this field is a challenge, especially so for Indigenous communities who have low participation rates in STEM subjects. This talk will explore the Indigenous perspectives on issues of equity, diversity, and data science in the context of genomics and share examples of best practice and capacity building initiatives from Aotearoa New Zealand.



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