Representation Theory has undergone a revolution in recent years, with the development of what is now known as higher representation theory. In particular, the notion of categorification has led to the resolution of many problems previously considered to be intractable. The school will begin by providing students with a brief but thorough introduction to what […]

Explore Current Bioinformatics Research and Developments Join with other advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and professionals from the mathematics, statistics, medical sciences and information technology disciplines to develop your bioinformatics skills, national networks and employability. AMSI BioInfoSummer 2022 will be hosted by Melbourne Integrative Genomics (MIG) at the University of Melbourne Parkville campus from Monday […]

The annual AMSI Summer School is the biggest national event in Australia for honours and postgraduate students in the mathematical sciences. In January 2023 this four-week hybrid school (two weeks on campus and two weeks virtual) will be hosted by the University of Melbourne providing participants from across Australia with the opportunity to develop their […]