The Graduate Talks in Geometry and Topology Get-Together will strengthen the blossoming community of graduate students created by the (GT)^2 seminar series. Participants will represent a cross-section of the geometry and topology community in Australia with interests including computational topology and geometry, geometrical and topological data analysis, contact geometry, homotopy theory, hyperbolic geometry, and more.

Students will get the chance to propose problems that interest them and collaborate with peers at a similar career stage, along with the guidance of more experienced researchers. Students will also have an opportunity to introduce their own research to the group during daily student talk sessions, while each of the experienced researchers will give talks about the current state of their respective areas. There will be a strong focus on networking and developing effective working relationships, to help plant the seeds for decades-long collaborative partnerships.

Emily Thompson (Monash University)
Grace Garden (University of Sydney)
Yossi Bokor (University of Sydney)
James Morgan (University of Sydney)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organisers at


  • Deadline: 25 May 2022

This symposium is supported by MATRIX and AMSI through the MATRIX-AMSI PhD Student Research Collaboration Scheme:

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