The Australian Mathematical Society Special Interest Group Number Theory Down Under (NTDU) will be hosting its 4th annual conference in Newcastle from 23–26 September 2016.


Here is the tentative list of speakers. If you are interested in participation into this exciting event and would like to give a talk, send an email to the one of the organisers.

      • Shabnam Akhtari
      • Richard Brent
      • YoungJu Choie
      • Alexander Fish
      • Alex Ghitza
      • David Harvey
      • Hidenori Katsurada
      • Simon Kristensen
      • Brendan McKay
      • Igor Shparlinski
      • Yohei Tachiya
      • Tim Trudgian
      • Baowei Wang
      • Jun Wu
      • Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh

Poster Session

    There will be a poster session which will provide an opportunity to present/discuss your work with your peers in an informal setting. All participants are encouraged to present a poster.


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