Bureau of Meteorology

R&D Annual Workshop

5-9 Dec 2016

The Research and Development Branch of the Bureau of Meteorology is pleased to announce its
Annual workshop is to be held at the Head office of the Bureau of Meteorology 700 Collins Street,
Docklands from the 5-9 December 2016. The Workshop brings together Australian experts from
the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, the Universities and Research Centres, as well as a number of
prominent overseas scientists. This year’s Workshop will focus on Data Assimilation across numerous
themes. It will address the challenges and vision for the future of this relatively large application
of the scientific method.

Themes to be discussed include:-
• Ensemble DA
• Atmospheric DA
• Satellite DA
• Oceanic DA
• Land DA
• Reanalysis/Coupled DA
• Forecast Sensitivity
• Advanced Methods and Generalised Model Data Fusion

Early career scientists are encouraged to attend the Student Workshop (1-2 December 2016) being held
in conjunction with this five day meeting.

Dates and venue:
1-2 December 2016 – Student Workshop on Data Assimilation
5-9 December 2016 – Annual R & D workshop on Data Assimilation
Bureau of Meteorology, 700 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Program: To be announced. Speakers are by invitation.

International speakers include :- Drs Craig Bishop NRL USA, Dr Clara Draper, NASSA Goddard USA,
Dr Jeffrey Anderson, UCAR USA, Dr Adam Clayton, UKMO, Dr Mark Buehner Environ, Canada,
Dr Tijana Janjic Univ. of Munich.

Contact : Ms V Jemmeson, v.jemmeson@bom.gov.au
Scientific Committee: Peter Steinle (Convenor), Jin Lee, Yonghong Yin, Imitaz Dharssi,
Pavel Sakov, Ms Val Jemmeson (Bureau of Meteorology) Georg Gottwald (USyd), Terry O’Kane CSIRO

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