This three-week event will bring together world-leading specialists in knot theory for a focused research program promoting collaboration between mathematicians at all career
stages. The first two weeks will be focused exclusively on research in small groups mixing PhD students, early career researchers, and established scientists. Projects topics include the generalised Kauffman-Harary Conjecture; the long exact sequence and complexity in Khovanov homology; and the interplay between character varieties, skein modules, š“-polynomials, quantum invariants, and hyperbolic geometry. The third week will offer a conference featuring current topics in the study of virtual links, Khovanov homology, the coloured Jones polynomial, and 3-manifold links. Participation in the conference will be by invitation due to the residential setting at MATRIX’s Creswick campus, and the format will mix research seminars and ample time for discussion with anexplicit goal of establishing long-lasting collaborations.


  • Dr Dionne Ibarra, Monash University
  • Associate Professor Joan Licata, Australian National University
  • Dr Gabriel Montoya-Vega, CUNY Graduate Center

This MATRIX Research Program is partially supported by AMSI and AustMS through the AMSI-AustMS Workshop Funding program, and benefits from the SMRI International Visitor Program.


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