This conference focuses on categorification and its applications in representation theory. Categorification is something of an art, where one mathematical object is replaced with another richer, and often categorical, one that often reveals deeper structural properties. Important examples of categorification in representation theory include the geometric categorifications of Ginzburg, Lusztig and Nakajima, which realise quantum groups and their representations in a geometric framework, and Khovanov’s categorification of theJones polynomial, and Elias and Williamson’s proof of the Kazhdan-Lusztig positivity conjectures and Soergel’s conjectures. This conference brings some of the top experts in this field to discuss recent advances.
The conference consists of:A workshop, February 6-10, with three lecture series on different aspects of categorification The main conference, February 13-17. We expect that participants will have the option to sign up to give 10 minute lightning talks.


  • Dr Asilata Bapat, ANU
  • Professor Andrew Mathas, University of Sydney
  • Dr Daniel Tubbenhauer, University of Sydney

This workshop is supported by AMSI and AustMS through the AMSI-AustMS Workshop Funding program.

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