The workshop on agent-based spatio-temporal stochastic systems in biology will be a six-day event at the new MATRIX facility in Victoria in July 2018. The workshop will be attended by the world’s foremost experts in the field. The workshop aims to improve mathematical frameworks for the study of cellular, molecular and other agent-based systems in biology.

The first day of the workshop will consist of introductory lectures designed for ECRs and graduate students. The workshop thereafter is subdivided into common research topics such as sparse and dense systems, algorithms and software, hybrid methods and applications.

This workshop is part of the Month of Mathematical Biology. The month of mathematical biology is a program in mathematical biology at MATRIX consisting of this workshop and a workshop on Multicellular Virtual Tissues: Towards Drug Discovery and Improved Therapies. The month of mathematical biology will capitalise on the international focus on Australia in mathematical biology caused by the Society of Mathematical Biology annual meeting being held in Sydney, Australia at this time. It will also promote mathematical biology in Australia as an important and growing field of mathematical research by collecting domestic researchers to interact with world leaders to discuss the future of the field.

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