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The Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) has honoured the innovative work of two of Australia’s leading mathematical researchers at today’s opening of the annual AustMS meeting in Adelaide.

Dr Scott Morrison was named as this year’s recipient of the AustMS Medal 2015 and Professor Andrew Hassell the Gavin Brown Best Paper Prize winner at a presentation attended by leading Australian mathematical thinkers as part of the society’s 59th annual meeting at Flinders University.

Awarded to a Society member under the age of 40, the AustMS Medal recognises distinguished research in the mathematical sciences. This year’s winner, Dr Morrison has been recognised for his work leading research on quantum symmetries and subfactor theory at the Australian National University. Essential for understanding new exotic materials, this research underpins potential new technologies such as topological quantum computation. Dr Morrison is also cofounder of MathOverflow, an innovative website and leading online interactive platform for mathematicians seeking to engage with other experts across all fields of mathematics.

Dr Morrison said, “I’m really excited to be receiving this award, and to have the opportunity to share my research. Organisations such as AustMS and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute offer outreach, professional development programs, and recognition of achievement. These are vital in supporting mathematicians as they work to increase community engagement with maths and foster the next generation of innovators.”

Professor Hassell is also delighted to have his breakthrough paper Ergodic billiards that are not quantum unique ergodic recognised by AustMS. The Gavin Brown Best Paper Prize recognises an outstanding single article, monograph, or book consisting of original research in Pure Mathematics.

“It is an enormous honour to have my work acknowledged in this way. AustMS plays a critical role in fostering and promoting professional mathematics both in Australia and globally and its continued impact on all branches of science and industry,” he said.

According to AustMS President, Professor Tim Marchant, this year’s AustMS Medal and Gavin Brown Best Paper winners have raised the bar in terms of innovative mathematical research with their work making a substantial impact in Australia and globally.

“Dr Morrison and Professor Hassell have demonstrated excellence and innovation in their cutting-edge contributions to the expansion of mathematical understanding and application across a broad range of disciplines,” Professor Marchant said.

The AustMS annual meeting’s diverse four-day program highlights cutting-edge mathematical research and methodologies to facilitate discussion and collaboration between Australian and global mathematical leaders. This year’s meeting features a public lecture by internationally renowned mathematician and Fields Medallist, Professor Terence Tao on Large and Small Gaps in the Primes.


Professor Tim Marchant is available for interview.

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