The recent drive in theoretical physics to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces has led to an explosion of activity at the interface between mathematics and physics, and conformal field theory has proven to be a particularly active and exciting example of this interaction. While conformal field theory was initially developed for physical purposes, it has also inspired breakthroughs in diverse mathematical fields such as number theory, combinatorics, differential and algebraic geometry, sporadic finite groups, quantum groups, knot theory, and more. This conference will engage the various mathematics and mathematical physics communities who study CFT to discuss recent breakthroughs and develop new directions for future research. On the mathematical side, subjects will include vertex algebras, conformal nets, subfactors and higher categories, while on the physical side topics will include gauged quantum field theories, generalised moonshine, topological defects/interfaces and statistical lattice models.

Warning! Please be aware that scammers are targeting conference participates. A number of participants have received phone calls requesting credit card information for hotel bookings. Under no circumstance give this information. Please do not hesitate to contact the organisers if you are unsure if a communication is legitimate.

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