Phylomania 2016

This is the first call to register to attend Phylomania 2016, the 8th Annual conference of the UTAS Theoretical Phylogenetics group, to be held 16th-18th November in Hobart, Tasmania.

Phylomania will be held within the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Tasmania. The meeting will bring together mathematicians and biologists to discuss current research in phylogenetics.

All the details and some pertinent local information can be found at the  meeting website:

General registration is expected to be $175, with a reduced rate of $60 for students, to cover catering. To register your interest in attending please use the form on the website given above.  The payment system is not yet set up but this gives you an idea of the cost.

There’s also a place there for you to enter an abstract: if you do, use normal text, html, or LaTeX.  If you only have a (rough!) title just now that’s fine, you can update us with more information closer to the conference. You can bring a talk, or a poster, or both!

Best wishes,

Theoretical Phylogenetics Group

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