Category theory is a branch of mathematics which seeks to understand abstract mathematical structures and the relationships between them. Originating in investigations of connections between algebra and topology, category theory has broad applications across various branches of pure mathematics, as well as logic, computer science, linguistics and physics. This symposium will enable research students of category theory and related disciplines to meet, learn from each other, and establish new collaborations.

Bryce Clarke (Macquarie University)
Matthew Di Meglio (UNSW Sydney)
Nicola Di Vittorio (Macquarie University)
Eli Hazel (Macquarie University)
Yuki Maehara (Kyushu University)
Adrian Miranda (Macquarie University)
Giacomo Tendas (Macquarie University)
Paula Verdugo (Macquarie University)
Giulian Wiggins (University of Sydney)

Contact: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organisers at 

Further information:

Program Structure: 
The symposium will take place online via Zoom from Tuesday June 8 to Saturday June 12 in 2021 (AEST/GMT+10). Each day will consist of two sessions, timed so that Session 1 best accommodates Australasian and American time zones and Session 2 best accommodates Australasian and European time zones.


  • Registration form 
  • Registration is now open via the linked Google Form. In your registration, you may express your interest to give a short 20 minute talk in category theory and/or category theory adjacent topics. When deciding who will speak, preference will be given to research students (Honours/Masters/PhD).
  • The registration deadline for speakers is April 30 23:59:59 Anywhere on Earth
  • The registration deadline for non-speaking attendees is May 31 23:59:59 Anywhere on Earth.

This symposium is supported by MATRIX and AMSI.
To support post-symposium research collaboration between PhD student participants, MATRIX-AMSI are providing funding through the MATRIX-AMSI PhD Student Research Collaboration Scheme

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