This will be a conference bringing together researchers in all areas of Number Theory. It will be held online, so instead of being localised geographically, it will be localised in a range of time-zones, specifically time-zones near Australia. Thus most participants are from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Holding conferences online rather than in person has many benefits. The necessity in the time of COVID-19 is obvious: in-person conferences are currently impossible and will most likely remain impossible or at best inadvisable for the rest of 2020. Furthermore, even after this emergency has passed, we should be holding more events online, as this greatly reduces the financial and environmental impact of academic conference travel.

Conferences play a very important social role in academia, and this can be hard replicate online. For this reason we will host the conference using the iSee platform, which is a 3D virtual environment where participants can mingle in a natural way between talks, facilitating networking and initiating new collaborations in a way that other video-conferencing platforms can’t match.

Titles and abstracts due: 22 May 2020
Registration closes: 29 May 2020
Conference: 3-5 June 2020 (Wed-Fri)

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