The cryosphere is one of the critical components of the Earth’s climate system. It has been the subject of significant transformation in recent years due to climate change. There are key mathematical challenges involved in modelling the cryosphere and its response to climate change. The workshop will bring together researchers who are experts in the mathematical modelling of ice sheets and sea ice, two related but separate parts of the cryosphere. The hybrid workshop is planned to run for three days with sessions devoted to introductory talks to lay a common foundation for the rest of the workshop with the rest of the time comprised of focussed research sessions with keynote talks by invited speakers.

Conference organisers

  • Dr Jordan Pitt, The University of Adelaide
  • Associate Professor Luke Bennetts, The University of Adelaide
  • Associate Professor Mike Meylan, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Noa Kraitzman, Australian National University
  • Dr Alison Kohout, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NZ

This workshop is supported by AMSI and AustMS through the AMSI-AustMS Workshop Funding program.

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