This workshop focusses on the mathematical aspects of integrability in low-dimensional quantum systems. The international community in integrability is well established, coherent and well organised. This workshop will be organised around currently active hot topics and open problems. The format will follow similar lines to the previous highly successful research programs held in Pohang/Seoul/Jeju (Korea), Melbourne (Australia), Benasque (Spain), Budapest (Hungary) and Beijing (China). The emphasis in all these meetings is on focussed research interaction in small groups to achieve real collaboration.

Research topics will include:

• Bethe ansatz and quantum spin chains
• Bulk and boundary conformal and quantum field theory
• Cold atoms, strongly correlated systems
• Integrability in models of matter-light interaction
• Logarithmic CFT
• ODE/IM and its massive variants
• Quantum quenches and quantum entanglement
• Random matrix approach to CFT and integrability

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