This workshop is aimed at sharing ideas and discussion of recent results in Differential geometry, Lie theory and Complex analysis. The workshop will cover a wide area of pure mathematics, from Lie groups and algebras and their cohomology to the geometry of homogeneous spaces, to complex, Kähler and CR-geometry and to geometric methods in complex analysis of several variables. The main focus of the workshop is the study of objects with symmetry, which find applications in a wide range of areas, from geometry to complex analysis.

This workshop is planned to be a satellite workshop of the 8th AustMS/NZMS Convention and is planned to be held in the three days before the start of the Convention. The workshop will provide early career researchers and the students with a valuable forum to showcase and obtain feedback on their work from leading researchers in the field and gain insights into the open challenges.

Invited international speakers:

  • Professor Carolyn Gordon (Dartmouth College, USA)
  • Professor Tracy Payne (Idaho University, USA)
  • Professor Kang-Tae Kim (POSTECH, Korea)
  • Professor Dmitry Millionschikov (Moscow University, Russia)
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