We plan to hold a five-day workshop at Sydney University on the geometry and algebra of singularities, with applications in two types of complex systems which have come to the forefront of applied science in recent decades:

  1. The development of robotic algorithms for image-processing and complex machine learning, and
  2. Computational methods developed in connection with decision theory and complex systems

We propose to bring mathematicians working in singularity theory, primarily from Australia and Japan, together with researchers in relevant fields of computer science and complex systems engineering from the same countries. The aim is to strengthen the scientific dialogue between the mathematicians on the one hand, and the researchers closely involved with applications on the other. We seek support to invite two keynote speakers, one from the Todai Robot Project, and another working in the field of computational methods for decision theory in psychology and economics. In addition we hope to attract support to encourage students and early career researchers in any of these fields to contribute presentations of their research to our five-day program.


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