Professor Bryan Manly, with 19,500 citations, is a leading statistician and scholar in Multivariate Statistical Methods, a valuable technique in many applied areas of statistics.
Professor Manly has held several positions including Chair of Statistics and Director of the Centre for Applications of Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and specialises in applications of statistics in ecology and environmental science. He has expertise in the design and analysis of biological sampling programs, multivariate analysis, population modelling, computer-intensive methods and the design and analysis of studies on resource selection by animals.

Professor Manly will deliver two workshops and a seminar, sharing his expertise with other researchers, academics and industry members.

One workshop will be based on Professor Manly’s well-cited book, Multivariate Statistics Methods, a Primer (4th Edition CRC Press 2017), a leading reference on Applied Multivariate Statistics Methods using the statistical package R which will not only be relevant to academics, researchers and postgraduate students within the Statistics discipline (including Professor Ricardo Campello, Dr Ian Renner, Dr Liz Stojanovski, Professor Eric Beh) but also across the University in other applied areas and industry members. The discipline of Statistics has recently introduced an online Graduate Certificate in Data Science and this workshop will also be of value of students within this program and we intend to also offer the workshop in online mode so that students also have the option of registering online. For these students, the workshop will build on statistical techniques learnt in previous courses undertaken within the graduate certificate which will help to strengthen their potential for future research or practical roles.

The second workshop offered will be an Introduction to Ecological Sampling, an area Professor Bryan is an international leader in. This will be based on Professor Manly’s highly cited edited book with Jorge Alberto: Introduction to Ecological Sampling (CRC Press 2015) This will be valuable to members of the statistics discipline with similar research interests as well as academics and postgraduate students within different schools across the University of Newcastle given a focus on ecological modelling across the University and will help to promote cross-collaboration between faculties as well as to improve industry links via these collaborations. This will also be offered in online mode.

Professor Bryan would also give a seminar to the local Priority Research Centre for Computer-Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications (CARMA) which also be open to members from the University of Wollongong to remote access into.

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