Arithmetical dynamical systems – that is – dynamical systems generated by iterations of rational functions over fields of number-theoretic interest, have seen a significant explosion of work in recent years but still many algebraic, number theoretic and graph theoretic problems remain wide open. The interest in such dynamical systems comes also from connections that have been forged with many different areas of pure and applied mathematics.

The purpose of this workshop will be to further explore the complex algebraic and number theoretic behaviour, as well as to gain a better understanding of the structure of functional graphs of arithmetical dynamical systems.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Alex Gamburd (City University of New York)
  • Par Kurlberg (KTH, Stockholm)
  • Klaus Schmidt (University of Vienna)
  • Joe Silverman (Brown University)
  • Franco Vivaldi (Queen Mary Univ of London)
  • Tony Guttmann (University of Melbourne)
  • Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)
  • Nick Wormald (Monash University)

More information, including how to register are available at the event website.

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