The current age of big data has given scientists greater access than ever before to personal health and biometrics information vital for health discovery and innovation. We explore how medical science is harnessing the power of mathematics to improve replication and reproducibility of cancer research and address one of our greatest global health challenges.

Hosted by Professor David Lovell (QUT) and the Computational Biology Society, this session will examine the exciting new field of “forensic bioinformatics” and its role in protecting the integrity of cancer research to deliver sound outcomes for scientists, clinicians and patients.



Professor Keith Baggerley, MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas
Leading international forensic bioinformatician

Professor Graham Mann, Centre for Cancer Research, Westmead and the University of Sydney
Internationally renowned cancer geneticist, specialising in the study of melanoma

Associate Professor Jean Yang, The University of Sydney
ARC Future Fellow and statistical bioinformatician

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