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University Membership


Access to AMSI initiatives is what brings tangible benefits to its university members.

Annually, AMSI hosts five national flagship events – some of Australia’s largest and most influential for maths students:

  • Summer School
  • Winter School
  • Vacation Research Scholarships
  • ACE Network
  • Research & Industry Symposium (BioInfoSummer)

It is AMSI’s ability to convene skills and experiences at the highest level across the spectrum of the mathematical sciences that underlies AMSI’s impact, delivering advocacy and an experience for students beyond the individual capability of any university in isolation.

Universities can join AMSI as a Full Member (Joint Venture Partner) or Associate Member.

Discounted participation in AMSI events for students & staff

Access to travel grants for students

Contribute to the national voice of mathematics

Member Benefits


Associate Member Benefits

  • Funding for research workshops
  • Subsidised participation in AMSI’s Summer School, Winter School, ACE Network and Research & Industry Symposia (BioInfoSummer)
  • Access to travel grants for students
  • Scholarships for undergraduate students to undertake supervised research projects during the summer holidays
  • Access to a diverse range of specialist publications; AMSI members are also contributors to many of these titles
  • Careers events and resources for undergraduates and postgraduate students
  • Opportunity to host visiting international academics as part of AMSI’s national lecture tours
  • Discounted access to the APR.Intern program (as of 1 January 2022)
  • Contribution to the national voice of mathematics

Additional Benefits for Full Members

  • Opportunity to host AMSI Summer School and AMSI Research & Industry Symposia (BioInfoSummer)
  • Input into AMSI governance and business plan
  • Representation through Board positions
  • Greater access to Vacation Research Scholarships and Summer School places
  • Opportunity for research partnerships with AMSI covered by Memoranda of Understanding



Membership cost is dependent on the University’s size and mathematical sciences cohort – please contact us for more information on exec@amsi.org.au or 03 8344 1777.

Become a Member


For more information on becoming an AMSI Member, please contact exec@amsi.org.au or 03 8344 1777.

To find out whether your university or institution is a member of AMSI, visit our members page.