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Following evaluation of 690 applications, the ARC has announced 100 Future Fellowships in its 2020 round with a total of $97.8 million of funds allocated.

22 applications from the aggregated Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Earth Sciences disciplines were approved, with funding of $18.9 million.

Four 2020 Future Fellows in the mathematical sciences were announced.

Dr Michael Wheeler (Research focus: Solvability and universality in stochastic processes [$816,204.00]) and Dr David Ridout (Logarithmic conformal field theory and the 4D/2D correspondence [$909,109.00]) are both from the University of Melbourne.

The Australian National University’s Dr Po-Lam Yung (Problems in harmonic analysis: decoupling and Bourgain-Brezis inequalities) received $887,202.00, and Associate Professor Peter Kim from the University of Sydney (Mathematical modelling unravels the impact of social dynamics on evolution) received a discipline-leading $1,028,533.00 of funding.

The advanced manufacturing sector received the largest allocation, with 20 percent of applications being approved for a total of $16.4 million in funding.

By institution, the big winners are Monash University ($13.9 million), the University of Melbourne ($10.1 million) the University of Queensland ($10.1 million) and the University of New South Wales ($9.5 million), with the Universities of New England and the Sunshine Coast being the most successful in percentage terms with 33.3 percent of applications approved.

AMSI congratulates our latest ARC Future Fellows in the mathematical sciences.

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