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AMSI is offering free online resources including videos informing the community of the power of mathematics, statistics and data modelling in the epidemeological response to the COVID-19 crisis

YouTube video "The Spread of DiseaseThe Spread of Disease is a video produced as part of AMSI’s Maths Delivers intitiative, providing an overview of the application of mathematical sciences in modelling the susceptibility, infection spread and recovery of disease in populations.

Presenters include Professor James McCaw of the University of Melbourne’s School of Mathematics and Statistics who holds a joint appointment with the School of Population and Global Health, and Professor Jodie McVernon, an expert in public health and vaccinology at the renowned Doherty Institute.

AMSI also offers a significant range educational resources for teachers enhancing understanding of the mathematical sciences.  Beyond enhancing knowledge of mathematical modelling of disease, AMSI Calculate provides a diverse range of engaging multimedia materials explaining maths concepts and enhancing learning.  These online resources are easily accessed online and available free to teachers seeking to optimise digital delivery of lessons.

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