The first Western Pacific Topology workshop and conference is designed to ignite new partnerships amongst the growing communities in Australia and Korea in areas closely related to algebraic topology. Algebraic Topology has established itself as a central topic within mathematics – it has played a major role in solving problems of great interest to mathematicians […]

There is a strong record of productive collaboration between researchers in China and Australia in the area of partial differential equations and related topics. This conference will serve to further develop and enhance this strong relationship by bringing together some of the top researchers in these fields. The topics covered will include areas in which […]

The recent years have seen a rich cross-fertilisation of ideas between physics and mathematics that has led to fantastic advances in each field. A prominent example of this is the notion of a tensor category. These abstract structures have a depth and ubiquity that has made them indispensable knowledge for many modern research fields including […]

The goal of this MATRIX program on “computational inverse problems” is to address open challenges and recent advancements in computational methods for solving large-scale inverse problems, which is considered as one of the driving forces for integrating large and complex data sets into large-scale computational models. This program will cover a wide range of relevant […]

New to 2017, the inaugural AMSI Optimise event will be held 26-30 June 2017 in Melbourne. This annual research training event that aims to strengthen mathematical optimisation research engagement and its applications across industry. AMSI Optimise will comprise a three-day industry focused conference, followed by a two-day research workshop, featuring international guest speakers, expert and end-user talks, tutorials, collaboration […]

This workshop focusses on the mathematical aspects of integrability in low-dimensional quantum systems. The international community in integrability is well established, coherent and well organised. This workshop will be organised around currently active hot topics and open problems. The format will follow similar lines to the previous highly successful research programs held in Pohang/Seoul/Jeju (Korea), […]

Computational and Algorithmic Topology will take place at The University of Sydney from 27 June 2017 – 1 July 2017 This interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Sydney will bring together experts and emerging researchers from Australia, the USA and Europe to report on recent results and explore future directions in computational and algorithmic topology […]

Since 2001 the International conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS) has brought researchers and practitioners interested in robust statistics, data analysis and related areas together. This includes theoretical and applied statisticians and also data analysts from other fields. As the ICORS Conference is being held for the first time in Australia, it shall bring a large […]

Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) have important roles in fundamental and applied mathematical research with extensive applications to other research fields such as complex analysis, mathematical modelling, signal processing, medical imaging. This workshop organised on the occasion of Professor Xuan Duong turning 60 in 2017, will bring the leading experts from all over […]

The aim of this workshop is to bring together the world’s foremost experts on the theory of semigroups and their relationships to other fields of mathematics such as operator algebras and totally disconnected locally compact groups. This workshop will allow the international leaders in the field to come to Australia to teach young Australian ECRs, […]