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AMSI has made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to furthering the interests of the mathematical sciences in Australia. AMSI’s initiatives and programs are important parts of an overall strategy to enhance the standing and health of mathematics and statistics across the community.

We strive to improve the appreciation of policy makers and politicians of the importance of mathematics in a sophisticated economy and community. A strong and diverse membership base is key to AMSI’s endeavours in lobbying for government and business support of programs to advance capacity and capability in the mathematical sciences.

We all reap the benefits of the investment of AMSI’s members’ subscriptions and corporate contributions.

AMSI is critically dependent upon the support of its member institutions. Without this support – both financial and via active participation in AMSI’s enterprise – the institute would not be able to provide the many services that are of direct benefit to the mathematical sciences.


Note: AMSI membership is institutional/organisational. Individual membership is not offered. To find out whether your university or institution is a member of AMSI, visit our members page.