The aim of this workshop is to bring together these different areas of research, in order to bring about new insights or methods in the study of manifolds. Our intent is to have a first day consisting of two or three talks giving an overview of the different areas, followed by a session in which participants are invited to present open problems in their field that they feel would benefit from interaction with other areas. For instance, the realisation problem for the polytope invariants of Friedl and Lück is completely solved in dimensions at least 7, and not much is known in lower dimensions. To give another example: which classical invariants can be computed from trisections or their higher-dimensional generalisations?

For both weeks of the program, we plan to have a light formal schedule (14 lecture hours in Week 1 and 12 lecture hours in Week 2) in order to leave a large amount of time for informal discussions, collaboration and research.

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