The recent years have seen a rich cross-fertilisation of ideas between physics and mathematics that has led to fantastic advances in each field. A prominent example of this is the notion of a tensor category. These abstract structures have a depth and ubiquity that has made them indispensable knowledge for many modern research fields including conformal field theory and vertex algebras, knot theory, operator algebras and subfactors, quantum groups, representation theory, topological quantum field theory and applied fields such as condensed matter physics. Moreover, the foundational work in these areas is inextricably linked to high-profile names such as Drinfeld, Huang, Jones, Kazhdan-Lusztig, Moore-Seiberg, Reshetikhin-Turaev, and Witten. This workshop will bring together a dynamic mix of international experts from the mathematics and mathematical physics communities in order to foster communication and collaboration and disseminate this important work to graduate students and early career researchers.

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