Phylomania 2017 – The 9th Annual conference of the UTAS Theoretical Phylogenetics group will be held 6th-8th December in Hobart, Tasmania. This year it will be combined with the 2017 Australasian Evolution Society meeting, running from 4th to 6th December. Yes, there’s a deliberate day of overlap (including the combined conference dinner).

Phylomania (and the AES meeting) will be held within the School of Physical Sciences at the Sandy Bay campus of the University of Tasmania. The meeting will bring together mathematicians and biologists to discuss current research in phylogenetics and related areas.

If your presentation is likely to also suit the AES audience then you can indicate that you’d like it to be considered for that combined day, when you register.

There’s also a place there for you to enter an abstract: if you do, use normal text, html, or LaTeX.  If you only have a (rough!) title just now that’s fine, you can update us with more information closer to the conference. You can bring a talk, or a poster, or both!

General registration is set at $175, with a reduced rate of $120 for students, to cover catering. The conference dinner is $75. The AES has the same costing, and there’s a discount rate for the whole combined conference of $300 ($200 for students).

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