This is the ninth annual event of Number Theory Down Under, a meeting which promotes Number Theory in Australia. It brings together Australian and international number theorists to share ideas, pursue collaborative work and establish connections to other fields of mathematics such as Additive combinatorics, Ergodic Theory and Homogeneous Dynamics, Arithmetic Geometry, Arithmetic Dynamical Systems, as well as more applied areas, such as Cryptography.

The main objective of the conference is to develop coherent plans for future development of Number Theory in Australia and its impact on other fields, and thus gaining a better understanding of the possibilities for further progress.

The conference would provide leading number theorists, early career researchers (ECRs) and students an ideal opportunity to interact, to present their recent results and to work on concrete research problems. We will have distinguished plenary speakers from Australia and overseas and Australian and NZ keynote speakers. There will also be sessions for contributed talks, as well as dedicated sessions for students to present short updates on their research.

The presentation and discussion of open problems have been a major component of the conference in previous years. Attendees have set challenges to one another during talks at the conference: this has led to the publication of articles and an increase in collaboration. While “Number Theory”, as a Special Interest Group within the AustMS, is still at its formative stage, its membership is increasing each year. This reflects the growing (though still small) number of academics in the Australian community. NTDU9 will enable members of this burgeoning group to present their most recent work and to collaborate on open problems. One of the main goals of the conference this year will also be to search for new links between Number Theory and other areas of mathematics.

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