La Trobe Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium talk

Seminar Abstract:

The Mahler measure of a monic polynomial $F$ with integer coefficients, is defined to be the product of the absolute values of those roots of $F$ that lie outside, or on, the unit circle. For example, the Mahler measure of $x-1$ is 1. Lehmer, in 1933, found a tenth degree polynomial with Mahler measure approximately 1.176 and he conjectured that no polynomial exists with Mahler measure between 1 and 1.176. His conjecture is to this day one of the famous open problems in Number Theory and no amount of computing power has been able to improve on his bound. In this talk we will look at the history of the topic as well as its connections to Coxeter polynomials.

Host University: La Trobe University

Seminar Convener: Dr Pambos Evripidou (La Trobe University)

How to participate in this seminar

1. Book your University’s Access Grid Room, or a university or APAC etc. Access Grid Room that you are able to use, and

2. Send an email to the seminar convener at La Trobe University (Pambos Evripidou) to advise that you will be attending the seminar.

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