The primary aim of this conference is demonstrate and strengthen connections between partial differential equations, geometry, and functional inequalities. Bridges between these fields have classically been forged through the calculus of variations. In recent times such connections have yielded new exciting results on, for example, the existence and classification of extremals in
geometric variational problems and their stability. Such developments bring into focus the benefit of further exploration. Our intention is to host several leading mathematicians from each of these fields, together with a larger number of promising early-career researchers and PhD students.

During the four-day conference we intertwine talks from all three communities, identifying avenues
for new connections and collaborative work.

A secondary goal for this conference is to deepen and invigorate the Japanese-Australian partnership in mathematics, especially in nonlinear analysis. There is a fine history of collaboration and support between our mathematical communities, which has served to produce excellent outcomes. Continuation of this relationship requires new, strong connections between researchers in nonlinear analysis in Australia and Japan. This is a focus of the event.

This conference is partially supported by Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.

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