K-theory has established itself as a central topic within mathematics – it has played a major role in solving problems of great interest to mathematicians in variety of other areas. Many Fields Medalists of the preceding 50 years have contributed to or used K-theory in their work: Atiyah, Connes, Grothendieck, Milnor, Quillen, Serre and Veovodesky.

K-Theory is rapidly growing in Australia: the President of K-Theory Foundation (Prof. Neeman) is based at ANU, and appointments in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney have built up the numbers. These recent hirings brought young K-theorists to Australia, while recruitments in closely related areas have been made in Adelaide, Brisbane and Wollongong.

This conference will bring to Australia experts, young and old, in a wide range of topics related to K-theory.

The workshop will provide young Australian researchers, both post-docs and students, with a chance to network with some of the world’s best in this area

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