In this webinar presented by the Ai Group Centre for Education and Training, the Centre’s Executive Director, Megan Lilly, will speak to some of Australia’s eminent experts and STEM practitioners who are developing our STEM skilled workforce. Special guest panellists include:

  • Misha Schubert, CEO, Science and Technology Australia,
  • Tim Marchant, Director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute,
  • Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador.

Panellists will discuss various types of policies and programs companies have been implementing to build their STEM-skilled workforce and address critical skills shortages and gaps. We will examine the opportunities and benefits of industry-university partnerships and collaboration, and look at examples like work-integrated learning, with DefendTex’s Director of University Engagement / Cooperative Research Centres Programmes, Julia O’Callaghan, and honours-year aerospace engineering student and Nova Systems employee, Gabrielle Annese.


  • Misha Schubert – CEO, Science and Technology Australia
  • Tim Marchant –  Director, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
  • Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith – Women in STEM Ambassador
  • Julia O’Callaghan – Director of University Engagement / Cooperative Research Centres Programmes, DefendTex
  • Gabrielle Annese – Honours Year Aerospace Engineering student, Nova Systems
  • Host: Megan Lilly – Executive Director, Centre for Education & Training, Ai Group


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