Invited speakers:

Dr Joshua Thia School of BioSciences – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Marie Dade School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences – Lecturer in Urban Greening and Member of the Green Infrastructure Research Group

Dr Helen Green School of Geography Earth and Atmospheric Science – John McKenzie Research Fellow and Rock Art Australia Research Fellow in Rock Art Dating

Dr Camelia Rose Walker School of Mathematics and Statistics – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Matthew Tam School of Mathematics and Statistics – Senior Lecturer in Operations Research and ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Vanessa Rossetto Marcelino School of Biosciences and Peter Doherty Institute – Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Jieqiong Lou School of Physics – Excellence in Diversity Fellow

Dr Charlotte Petersen School of Chemistry – Lecturer in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry and ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Marcus Giansiracusa School of Chemistry – Melbourne Postdoctoral Fellow

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