On behalf of the Statistical Society of Australia (SSAI), the  Organising Committee invites you to attend the 23rdAustralian Statistical Conference which is to be held in conjunction with the 14th Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM) and the 9th Australian Conference on Teaching Statistics (OZCOTS). This conference will provide unique insight into statistics, data mining and statistics teaching.

The major focus of the conference will be Big Data: Mining, Analysing and Teaching.  It aims to bring together the statistical approaches to data analysis with the techniques of data mining and their use in teaching statistics. Application to Big Data will be of particular interest.

The SSAI Program of the conference will cover a wide range of classical and Bayesian methods in mathematical statistics, their application to environmental, social, biological and official statistics and international engagement.

Attending the ASC 2016 will give each delegate a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and learn with meet like-minded individuals.

On behalf of the Organising Committee we look forward to welcoming you to Canberra in 2016 and encourage you to attend this amazing occasion!

Bill Gross
ASC 2016 Organising Committee Chair

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