Comparative Judgement and Learning through Engagement with Someone Else’s Reasoning

Wednesday 20 July 2022, 2:00pm (AEST, GMT+10)

Mark Mac Lean (University of British Columbia)

Abstract: Involving students in mathematical discourse can help them build a deeper conceptual understanding of the mathematics they are learning. One approach is to have students engage with written mathematical arguments and solutions to problems from their peers. Novices do not have the same capacity as experts to judge the work they are reading, but novices do have the capacity to compare two pieces of work and judge which one is better.  Comparative judgement can be used as a pedagogical tool to help students learn mathematics. In this talk, I will describe some ways comparative judgement has been implemented in mathematics courses and how we are working to better understand the effects comparative judgement exercises may have on learning mathematics.

Location: Online via Zoom:   passcode: 314159

Seminar recording: will be available from the seminar website afterwards

The AustMS/AMSI Teaching Seminar Series is a nation-wide seminar series featuring talks and discussions about any matters related to the teaching of the mathematical sciences in universities. The seminars are held online using Zoom videoconferencing software, allowing broad access by Australian academics. The seminars aim to engender discussion and foster best practice in mathematics and statistics education at Australian universities.

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