Speakers: R. Nazim Khan (UWA), Michael Jennings (UQ)

Date & Time: Thursday 17 December 2020
2:00pm (NSW/VIC/TAS/ACT, GMT+11)
1:30pm (SA, GMT+10.5)
1:00pm (QLD, GMT+10)
12:30pm (NT, GMT+9.5)
11:00am (WA, GMT+8)

Abstract: Australia implemented a common Year 12 mathematics curriculum in 2016. Nonetheless, differences still exist in the state curricula. We survey the mathematics curricula across Australia in the different states and compare them for similarity and differences. We further survey the first-year mathematics units at universities in Australia, their respective pre-requisites and study pathways, with a focus on the G08 universities.

We also consider the effects of COVID to the teaching and external examinations at Year 12. Finally, we investigate the various concessions the G08 universities have made to entry standards, and their implications for pre-requisite knowledge.

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Passcode: 580327

The AustMS/AMSI Teaching Seminar Series is a nation-wide seminar series featuring talks and discussions about any matters related to the teaching of the mathematical sciences in universities.  The seminars are held online using Zoom videoconferencing software, allowing broad access by Australian academics. The seminars aim to engender discussion and foster best practice in mathematics and statistics education at Australian universities.

For more information, contact the organisers:

A/Prof Rowena Ball (rowena.ball@anu.edu.au)
Dr Anthony Morphett (a.morphett@unimelb.edu.au)

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