Representation Theory has undergone a revolution in recent years, with the development of what is now known as higher representation theory. In particular, the notion of categorification has led to the resolution of many problems previously considered to be intractable.

The school will begin by providing students with a brief but thorough introduction to what could be termed the “bread and butter of modern representation theory”, i.e., compact Lie groups and their representation theory; character theory; structure theory of algebraic groups. Followed by a number of more specialised topics in the second week.

Featuring prominent national and international lecturers at the forefront of their fields, Winter School attracts students from Australia and overseas. In 2022, AMSI is proud to partner with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in America to host some of their best and brightest students.

To maximise the experience, a number of program extras including social events and a special guest public lecture will complement the academic program.

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