The NSW Branch of SSA is pleased to advise the 18th Annual J. B. Douglas Postgraduate Awards followed by the Annual Lecture and Dinner will be held on Wednesday 15 November at the University of Technology Sydney.

The deadline for the dinner payment is Wednesday 8 November.

The preliminary timings for the event are:
1:30pm – 5:35pm: Student Presentations
6:00pm – 6:15pm: Awards Presentation
6:15pm – 7:15pm: Annual Lecture – Professor David Warton
7:15pm – onward: Pre-dinner drink at 7:15 and dinner from 7:30pm

Professor David Warton
University of New South Wales

How to have an impact in an applied discipline
Statisticians spend a lot of time on methodological research, developing and evaluating methods for study design and analysis.  We often find problems with methods commonly used by applied researchers, or develop improved methods better able to answer their questions.  But how do we actually get applied researchers to take up these new methods?  This is not easy to achieve, and just publishing a paper in a prestigious journal will rarely do the trick.  In this talk we will discuss some other strategies for influencing methodological practice in applied disciplines.

Biography of Professor David Warton
David is a Professor in Statistics at UNSW Sydney with expertise in ecological statistics.  He has won prestigious awards including the Christopher Heyde Medal from the Australian Academy of Sciences, a Young Tall Poppy award, a Future Fellowship, and a Young Investigator award from the American Statistical Association.  He is best known for impacting the way ecologists approach problems of multivariate analysis, allometry and species distribution modelling, with several thousand citations of his papers and software on these topics.

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